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As a Member, Sponsor or Supporter of the Association, you will be strengthening and promoting the knowledge of the Trail and the future understanding of our heritage in Texas and Lousiana.

Educate the future, help your community and keep the Trail history animate and inspiring. Become a part of this exciting organization and our mission by getting involved now!

Join the Trail by making a donation, or choosing the ECR Member or Sponsor level that's the best fit for you!

Membership Levels

Your contribution as a Member will allow ECR to protect the historic and cultural resources along the Trail. Becoming a Member is easy and provides special benefits.

  • Student $10 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE
  • Explorer $35 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE
  • Pathfinder $50 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE
  • Pioneer $100 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE

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Sponsorship Levels

As a Sponsor, you'll be joining a select handful of major donors whose gifts help preserve the rich history of El Camino Real. Your donation today is vital to the future of the Trail.

  • Trailblazer $250 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE
  • Preservationist $500 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE
  • Partner $1,000 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE
  • Honorary Sponsor (By invitation only)

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All memberships are valid October 1st through Sept. 30th.

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If you would prefer to submit a check or money order for your donation or membership,

please print this form and mail it to the address on the bottom of the form.

Please Contact us if you have any further questions about becoming an ECR member.